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HELLO WORLD! We’re back online!

I’m back baby! It’s taken a long time, but since my last post and this one, lots of things have transpired – at least in my “online” life.


Here’s what I mean.  I’ve been using Netfirms.ca as my shared web hosting provider  for the past five years.  Shared web hosting means that rather than my site being run on a dedicated server, the server (or servers) that people access my site through is shared between a whole bunch of different sites.  I’ve been a customer of their “middle tier” Advantage plan.

That’s fine with me.  I don’t expect a lot of “load” on my web site as it only serves my personal blog and photo gallery, along with the Moodle site I use to host my course content which I teach.

When I first signed up with Netfirms, I think (it has been five years since I’ve started with them) they had a 1GB monthly data transfer quota and a 200GB disk space quota.  I was paying around $8/month or so for their web hosting service for the first year, and then it went up to $12 or so.  Their service was “ok”.  It provided what I needed.  Sometimes their database would throw up “database errors” stating that they were overloaded.  This typically occurred during the start of the semester when 30-or-so students were all creating a Moodle account for my classes all at the same time.  Sometimes this occurred at the end of the class when students were madly rushing to submit their work onto the course website.  Other times an error message would be emailed to me saying that my site was using up to much CPU time and that my site would be temporarily “off line” for a few moments to allow the load to balance.  I was willing to suffer through these issues.

Netfirms recently got bought out, and have been “transitioning” to this new web control panel interface.  Along with this is their new “unlimited” service where the monthly bandwidth and disk space quota have now been removed and are now “unlimited” – or so they say.

Shows the various features of the three tiers of plans from Netfirms

Here’s a screen capture from today (August 15th) showing the different tiers.  Perhaps what Netfirms means by “unlimited” and what I understand unlimited means differs, but it clearly states here that both Diskspace and Monthly Bandwidth are “unlimited”.

Now back to my story.  So they’ve been transitioning to this control panel interface for the past year or so.  Because I am an “old” customer I was on the original control panel.  For whatever reason, Netfirms decided to remove the link off of their main page to the old control panel.  Also, my account because it had yet to be migrated did not have access to the “new” control panel.  It took until July of this year for my account to finally migrate over to the new control panel and that is when this whole brew-ha-ha started.

My billing cycle is in August – August 21st to be exact.    Because my credit card had recently changed, this info needed to be updated.  The only way I could update it was to access it through the control panel.  Because I did not have access to the “new” control panel I was in jeopardy of loosing my account!  I had called Netfirms Support to find out what was going on with my account.  Long story short, with a few bumps in the road, my account was finally migrated over to the new control panel and my password was reset.  This was in the beginning of July – plenty of time for me to update my CC info in time for my billing cycle.  Then a few days after my account was migrated over, I received this email:


Dear Darren,

We regret to inform you that your “yungfamily” account is
currently in violation of the following section of our Terms of
Service and Acceptable Use Policy:

“Hosting space … is limited to Web files, e-mail and content
of the hosted Web sites, not for storage of media and other data.
Hosting space may not be used as offsite storage for electronic
files or for third party electronic mail or FTP hosts.”

You need to remove the files in violation within three business
days. If the files are not removed within this time period, we will be
forced to suspend your account and delete the files.

If you are using your Web hosting account as a repository for
storing music, movies, videos or pictures of any kind, your
account is in violation of our Terms of Service. Please
understand that we’re not making any statement as to the
legality of the files; this type of file storage is simply not
what our hosting accounts are intended for.

For more information, please review the “Bandwidth and Disk
Usage” section of our Terms of Service:

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. We
certainly do not want to lose you as a customer, but we must
consider the needs of all customers on our shared hosting
platform. Our Terms of Service are in place to ensure the
optimum performance of all accounts on our platform.

Please contact us if you have any questions:

The Netfirms Team


What’s up with that?  So much for “unlimited” service.

Basically what it came down to, is that the reality of their “unlimited” service is that there is a quota of 25 gigabytes.  Go over this quota, your account gets flagged so expect to see an email like this.  I gave some poor customer service rep an earful of my thoughts and opinion of this blatant lie that Netfirms advertised.  I would have been fine if Netfirms stated up front that there is a file quota limit of 25gb.  At least this number would have been up-front-and-centre, but to advertise “unlimited” and shut down a 5-year customer like that?  I did find another person who was in a similar situation as I was.  He was a customer of 10 years and had a large photo gallery.  His account too was also shut down and locked out.

I eventually “deleted” about 10-gigs worth of stuff to get my site back up and running somewhat.  So the time between my last post and this one, I’ve been a lot more quiet than I had originally planned to be.  I’ve been spending a lot of “time” downloading over 35 gigs of stuff from Netfirms, saving it locally and uploading back to my new hosting provider – hostpapa.ca.

They too advertise an “unlimited” service.  I did ask one of their service reps if it was truly unlimited or not.  We’ll see if I get an email back from them.  So far, most of my data has been uploaded to my new account as I slowly bring everything up online.  My old blog is up and running.  This new one, of course is now up and running too.  I don’t forsee any issues getting my old photo gallery up and running either.

Well, that’s enough typing for now.  Almost 1200 words in this post as counted by the WP editor software.