Monthly Archives: September 2011

New job, new toy!

My summer this year has been cut a little short, not by weather or anything outside of my control but out of choice. I’ve been given th opportunity to partner with SFU to mentor teachers in a post degree graduate diploma. These teachers are interested in integrating technlogy into their teaching practice.

I did a similar program before my daughter was born. The biggest difference between the program I took and this one is the academic rigour. When I did this program, there were teachers who didn’t know how to turn on a computer or how to do email. These teachers who are participating in this program are working with Web 2.0 tools right away! I’m excite to help mentor these teachers and learn along side with them.

I spent one week the second last week of August, and will be spending one day a week this fall from September to December mentoring some of them.

A little extra income in addition to my teaching salary affords me to buy (or at least potentially buy) some new toys. :D

dock I’ve been wanting to buy an Asus Transformer tablet ever since I heard of it. It is a 10-inch Android tablet, with an accessory keyboard/battery combo. The keyboard dock is a $149 accessory, and the tablet itself comes in either a 16gb or 32gb configuration. The retail price is $399 and $499 respectively.

NCIX recently had a sale on the tabet and dock combo for $490 for the 32gb version! I jumped in on this deal right away. Then the next morning, I found that Memory Express was selling the same combo for $10 less!

I was able to get the price match so basically for the 32gb Transformer, I got a $20 discount off of the retail price PLUS a free dock!

So far, I’m really liking it. I like it better than the iPad. The widescreen format of the screen makes web sites nice and easy to look at. It is a very fast machine too. Nice and smooth. Of course, perfect integration with Google Products doesn’t hurt either.

I do wish that Google Plus’ Hangouts was working with the front-facing camera that is built into the tablet. Then again, they haven’t made a hangout app yet.

The keyboard makes writing a large set of text easy. The bundle that I purchased from NCIX is actually an NCIX bundle, not an ASUS bundle. The ASUS Transformer bundle in Canada comes with a bilingual keyboard – basically it has French accents. I have a retail Transformer tabet and retail keyboard dock, which is a plain-jane US keyboard layout. I prefer the US keyboard layout because it doesn’t sacrifice the keys like the shift key size for extra keys with accents.

Anyway, I’m excited to explore this tablet. My kids already are “experts” in it. ;)